This is Irish Kayak Angling. We are Irelands on-line Kayak Angling club.

This Club is open to all to enjoy, it is free and we welcome both the experienced and new comers to the sport of Kayak fishing. The forum is the club room and meeting place.

Our forum is a great place to ask questions, leave comments and get involved. We have monthly competitions for best fish of the month and best catch report of the month with great prizes from our sponsers. If you have questions about kayak fishing or how to rig your kayak, our forum is an excellent place to start.  You can find informative and interesting kayak fishing articles about destinations, past trips, technical articles and more.

If you need to get information about selecting a new or used fishing kayak, we have the expertise to help you narrow your search. Ask our members about various kayak brands and models.  The information you recieve is meant to be a starting point in selecting a kayak, not the ending point. The ending point is when you paddle various models and select the kayak you feel best suites your needs. Our members will be more than helpful in letting you try out their kayaks, we even have a dealer on the site and we have regular starter days, come on a meet and we will loan you a kayak, we have plenty to spare between us.

One of the first things that comes to mind is the low cost of this sport when compared to other forms of angling. From start to finish, you can buy new equipment including the kayak for as little as €1000. You can usually find used kayaks much cheaper. Even if you choose to get a fully equipped kayak, the cost will be about fifteen hundred euro. With charter boat trips costing upwards of €500, you can see that the savings from a few trips can get you going in the sport. Besides an inexpensive method of fishing, the health benefits are worth it even if you don’t plan to fish. With no motor and noise, ocean inhabitants are not as afraid of your kayak as a sport fisher with the engines going. If you want to see nature close up, a kayak is a good tool.

We use sit on top kayaks. Before the advent and increased popularity of sit on tops, “kayaking” or “paddling” was not perceived as being readily available to the general public. Many people imagined kayaking to be a dangerous sport, only possible if one was willing to be inside a boat and risk flipping over and being “trapped” in the kayak. Sit on tops, however, allow the best of paddling without the scary downsides. Paddlers can fall or jump off the sit on top and climb easily back in; sit on tops can be quickly flipped upright and paddlers can be back on track with little effort. When someone new to paddling uses a sit on top for their first outing, there is a great chance for both fun and success. These early positive experiences will keep people coming back to the sport, and encourage them to introduce others to it as well.

Apart from the simple joys of being on the water in a relatively stress free way, new and experienced paddlers alike are discovering that from a sit on top they can also better access and enjoy many of their other favorite outdoor pursuits. Fishermen can visit bays, eddies or rivers that aren’t accessible by foot; photographers can quietly approach wildlife in generally less traveled areas; scuba and skin divers can reach areas they couldn’t swim to without disturbing the marine life with a motor. There are a wide variety of activities that can be greatly enhanced by the use of a sit on top kayak.

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